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Cloud Managed Services

Replication Technologies

Our advanced asynchronous data replication technology ensures continuous availability and eliminate downtime. We help enterprises to maintain applications and data available and accessible through real-time replication of physical and virtual machines.

DR Automation

DR Automation

SBA Info’s Disaster Recovery Automation offering helps enterprises automate switchover, switchback, and failover procedures, and simulate disaster recovery drills while ensuring business continuity. Our DR automation help our customers to achieve near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) & Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by streamlining recovery workflows across infrastructure monitoring, DR management, reporting, and DR drills.

Data Archival

SBA Info’s Data Archival offering aims to preserve enterprise’s on-premises and/or cloud-based email records while fully comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our email archiving can be consumed independently or as part your enterprise-wide disaster recovery strategy. Our enterprise-class email archiving services helps enterprises to efficiently store, secure, manage, and retrieve data from email systems such as Microsoft Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange, G Suite Gmail etc., Our email archiving offering ensures seamless integration with cloud (D2D2C) disk (D2D2D) and tape (D2D2T) technologies and offers the functionality to synchronize, back up and archive your email.